About Me

Hi, Im Vera, its so nice to meet you!

I am a 20 year old photographer based in Logan QLD Australia. 

Since a young age I have been surrounded by music, art and creativity. My family has always been very artistic, pushing me to create and express myself through things I love. 

Photography had always been a prominent hobby of mine. I started taking photos from as early as 12 years old, where I took pictures as a form of documentary. Slowly, as I grew older and more accustomed to the camera, I began experimenting and found that it became more than a hobby to me. It became a passion, a way to express myself and to create art. I find it amazing how I can capture pure moments, authentic emotions and raw experiences through this medium. Now, as well as being a form of self-expression and artistic experimentation, photography has become something that I turn to for therapy, to find peace and calm.

I decided to pursue my dreams and become a professional photographer and work as a freelancer, doing the thing I love most. In 2021 I graduated from TAFE QLD with a Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging. 

I am inspired by everything, Nature, the surrounding environment, emotions, colours, culture, experiences, the list goes on. Although I mainly focus on capturing portraiture, lifestyle and family photography, I love trying new things and experimenting with different creative outputs. 

I hope we get to know each other more personally! I believe that every single one of my clients is special and I am eager to build a personal and special bond with you!   

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